CRM Canada
Welcome ...

We live in a world longing for leaders worth following.  This is just as true in our churches and ministries as it is in our schools, government and places of business.

The process of forming and leading a community of faith, whether we are getting paid for it or volunteering, can be an amazing journey.  It can also be a place of isolation and uncertainty.  We are committed to walking alongside leaders as they learn, grow and lead. This is a journey that should never occur alone.

... so that the name of God is renowned among the nations


What would it look like to launch a community focused on living out the good news while developing a new generation of leaders? This is a question and a story we have lived out in partnership with the NieuCommunities.  In 2004 Amy, Tim & Ute moved to East Vancouver in order to discover what that would look like in Canada.  It was a great experience that included the addition of Deric & Amber to our staff and three seasons of apprentices.

We’re praying and hoping to do it again.  Are you interested in being a part of it?


A journey back ...

Emanuel’s journey to Canada started as a pastor in Burundi during a season of political unrest.  His stance against the coercive policies of the government towards churches ultimately caused his life to be threatened and he fled to Canada. Through a series of graciously nurtured contacts, Emanuel was able to move out of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside SRO and into two community houses associated with a local church and ministry in East Vancouver.  He ultimately was able to attend seminary and serve as a pastor at the same church.  It was an amazing journey.

While all this was taking place, Emmanuel was faithfully working to bring his family from Burundi to join him.  Tragically, during this time his wife passed away.  It was a great loss, but he was able to bring his two children to Canada. It was a great joy for Emmanuel and his children to be reunited after several years of separation. It was in this new season of life and ministry in Vancouver that God nurtured Emanuel’s desire to return to Burundi.  He wanted to steward the training and experience he was receiving by equipping the church and its leaders in Burundi to be agents of change.  The need for the good news of the Gospel among the poor and in the midst of profound racial conflict was compelling.  And in March of 2012 Emanuel and his children returned to Bujumbura to begin a new season of life and ministry back in their homeland.