CRM Canada
Empowering Leaders

About us

Church Resource Ministries Canada (CRM Canada) is a ministry dedicated to the development and resourcing of leaders in the local church, both here in Canada and around the world.  We have a bias towards relationally based empowerment as we encourage, coach, walk along side of and train those helping to lead communities of faith.

We began in 1997 when Dave Jackson felt God calling him to coaching and training pastors seeking to bring renewal and revitalization to their churches.  So CRM Canada launched as a partner ministry with Conext.

Our second season of ministry began in 2001 as Tim MacDonald came on staff to pursue his calling to launch a NieuCommunities site in Scotland.  Soon NieuCommunities’ ministry expanded to Vancouver with the arrival of Amy, Tim & Ute where they launched a new site in 2004. Throughout these seasons, our core commitment to relationally shaping and multiplying missional leaders has guided the ministry of our staff.