CRM Canada
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CRM Canada is a part of an international partnership of national CRM entities, relating to one another on a relational, fraternal basis. We call this international partnership CRM Conext, meaning going “together into the future.”

We believe missiologist Ralph Winter got it right when he wrote:

It is astonishing that most Protestant missionaries … have been blind to the significance of the very structure within which they have worked. In this blindness, they have merely planted churches and have not effectively concerned themselves to make sure that the kind of mission structure within which they operate also be set up on the field.

Conext, CRM’s response to this issue, has huge advantages. We believe such partnership:

  • Leads to less dependence
  • Allows for more effective contextualization
  • Has an exponential potential for multiplying
  • Keeps our emphasis on relational interdependence transcending organizational ties

Today Conext partner staff live and minister in 30 nations. In the next decade, we hope to see that expand to over 50 countries with at least 20 of those as Conext partners.

There are currently Conext partners in these locations:

  • Australia (Move)
  • United States
  • Germany (Mateno – click here for the English site)
  • Hungary (Barnabas Csoport)
  • Korea
  • Middle East
  • Nigeria (Harvest Leaders’ Network)
  • United Kingdom
  • Venezuela