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Emmanuel & Grace Ndabarushimana

Restoring the Ruins of BurundiIMG-20180731-WA0140

Burundi is a small war-torn country in Central East Africa. For decades, Burundi has experienced bloodsheds due to tribal conflicts between the Hutus and Tutsis, the two main tribes in Burundi. The Hutus and the Tutsis have massacred each other, causing deep hatred between the two ethnic groups. Unfortunately, amidst this tragic history, the church has observed a complacent silence. It is time the church took its responsibility and addressed the issue of tribal division. The Gospel of Jesus is a message of healing and reconciliation. It has the power to reconcile. With this conviction in our heart, we felt God compelling us to leave the comfort of Vancouver, Canada, and take this message of reconciliation and healing to the nation of Burundi. Please join us as we spread the message of reconciliation and healing!

Serving the Church in Burundi

  • Equipping & empowering church leaders
  • Helping the church take seriously ethnic reconciliation
  • Empowering communities for social transformation
  • Using the seminary education and ministry experience¬†from 10 years in Canada